5 mistakes parents make with newborns

  • Letting a newborn sleep through the night
  • Not feeding on demand
  • Taking a newborn to crowded places
  • Keeping a newborn cooped up at home
  • Not trusting your instincts


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One Response to 5 mistakes parents make with newborns

  1. haymoose says:

    I am no authority, but having recently experienced this myself, I will say our newborn was not shy about letting us know when he was hungry. Besides, who can sleep??? We sat there the first week looking down at this little fragile thing (who by the way did not sleep more than three hours at a time the first three weeks) thinking to ourselves “What have we done, we thought getting pregnant was the hard part?” It is truly the best thing we have ever done, truly a miracle, this new little life, and to see it for the first time, WOW! ALSO, Baby411 is the best gift book we received as new parents, we now gift it to all our friends at showers or during the end of their pregnancy.

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