2007 Fall Season Premiere Schedule

The Academy (My Network TV) September 4
Aliens in America (The CW) October 1
America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC) October 7
America’s Most Wanted (Fox) September 8
America’s Next Top Model (The CW) September 19
America’s Psychic Challenge (Lifetime) October 12
American Band (Fox) October 19
American Dad (Fox) September 30
American Gangster (BET) October 4
Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? (Fox) September 6
The Bachelor (ABC) September 24
Back To You (Fox) September 19
Beauty and the Geek (The CW) September 18
Big Bang Theory (CBS) September 24
Big Shots (ABC) September 27
Biggest Loser (NBC) September 4
Bionic Woman (NBC) September 26
Blood Ties (Lifetime) October 12
Bones (Fox) September 25
Boston Legal (ABC) September 25
Brotherhood (Showtime) September 30
Brothers & Sisters (ABC) September 30
Cane (CBS) September 25
Carpoolers (ABC) October 2
Cashmere Mafia (ABC) November 27
Cavemen (ABC) October 2
Celebrity Expose (My Network TV) October 1
Chuck (NBC) September 24
Cold Case (The CW) September 23
Contender (ESPN) September 4
Control Room Presents (My Network TV) October 1
Cops (Fox) September 8
Criminal Minds (CBS) September 26
CSI (CBS) September 27
CSI Miami (CHS) September 24
CSI: New York (CBS) September 26
Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO) September 9
The CW Now (The CW) September 23
Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders (CMT) September 14
Dancing With The Stars (ABC) October 2
Dancing With The Stars (ABC) September 24
Dateline (NBC) September 29
Deal Or No Deal (NBC) September 17
Decision House (My Network TV) September 12
Desperate Housewives (ABC) September 30
Dexter (Showtime) September 30
Dirty Sexy Money (ABC) September 26
Don’t Forget The Lyrics (Fox) September 6
Dr. Steve-O (USA) October 1
Drawn Together (CC) October 4
ER (NBC) September 27
Everybody Hates Chris (The CW) October 1
Exalted! (BET) October 2
Extreme Ghost Stories (WE) September 8
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC) September 30
Family Guy (Fox) September 23
48 Hours Mystery (CBS) September 29
Friday Night Lights (NBC) October 5
Game (The CW) October 1
Ghost Hunters (SciFi) September 26
Ghost Whisperer (CBS) September 28
Girl Meets Cowboy (WE) October 14
Girlfriends (The CW) October 1
Gossip Girl (The CW) September 19
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) September 27
Guide To Style (Bravo) September 5
Haunted (SciFi) September 26
Heroes (NBC) September 24
House (Fox) September 25
How I Met Your Mother (CBS) September 24
I Love New York (VH1) October 15
Inside The Actors Studio (Bravo) September 17
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX) September 13
Jail (My Network TV) September 4
John Edward Cross Country (WE) September 8
Journeyman (NBC) September 24
Kid Nation (CBS) September 19
King of the Hill (Fox) September 23
Kitchen Nightmares (Fox) September 19
K-Ville (Fox) September 17
Las Vegas (NBC) September 28
Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC) October 4
Law & Order: SVU (NBC) September 25
Life (NBC) September 26
Life Among the Dead (Lifetime) October 12
Life is Wild (The CW) October 7
Lincoln Heights (ABC Family) September 4
Manswers (SpikeTV) September 20
Meet My Folks (My Network TV) September 12
Men in Trees (ABC) October 12
Moonlight (CBS) September 28
My Name Is Earl (NBC) September 27
Nashville (Fox) September 14
NCIS (CBS) September 25
Numb3rs (CBS) September 28
Office (NBC) September 27
Online Nation (The CW) September 23
Prison Break (Fox) September 17
Private Practice (ABC) September 26
Pushing Daisies (ABC) October 3
Reaper (The CW) September 25
Rescue Mediums (WE) September 8
Rules of Engagement (CBS) September 24
Samantha Who? (ABC) October15
Sarah Silverman Program (CC) October 3
Scrubs (NBC) October 25
Search For The Next Elvira (Fox Reality) October 13
Shark (CBS) September 23
Simpsons (Fox) September 23
Singing Bee (NBC) September 25
60 Minutes (CBS) September 23
Smallville (The CW) September 27
South Park (CC) October 3
Stargate Atlantis (SciFi) September 28
Sunday Best (BET) October 2
Supernatural (The CW) October 4
Survivor (CBS) September 20
Tell Me You Love Me (HBO) September 9
30 Rock (NBC) October 4
Til Death (Fox) September 19
Torchwood (BBC America) September 8
20/20 (ABC) October 12
Two and a Half Men (CBS) September 24
Ugly Betty (ABC) September 27
Ultimate Fighter (SpikeTV) September 19
Unit (CBS) September 25
Viva Laughlin (CBS) October 18
Without A Trace (CBS) September 27
Women’s Murder Club (ABC) October 12
WWE Smackdown (The CW) September 14

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