Pushing Up Virtual Daisies

Funerals Go Online 

The integrated system that we provide is the most advanced and comprehensive viewing system for funeral homes. The system includes a wide range of Internet based functions that funeral homes can provide the family. Funeral homes can and will be able to provide a comprehensive website for families that will include:

1. A stored video of the funeral service at cemetery that can be played at any time immediately after the funeral home uploads it to the family website.

2. Real-time live Internet viewing of the visitation at the funeral home is a powerful feature. The live viewing is made possible by web cameras that are placed in the visitation rooms at the funeral home. The live Internet viewing is only available during the actual hours that the visitation takes place.

3. An Internet photo album is another key function of the website. The family can select to purchase memorial CD-ROMs that contain the video of the funeral ceremony, family photos and messages sent to the website by relatives and friends. Online-Funeral produces the CD-ROMS and ships them to the funeral home.

4. Additional functions includes a condolences message center and a text memorial tribute. 

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