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Weather Man Promos

If you live in the Dallas – Fort Worth area you will notice WFAA’s mega promotion of weatherman Pete Delkus.  He on posters in the mall, billboards, and his commercials are actually pretty entertaining.  I was trying to find a … Continue reading

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U2charist Information Page

Welcome to the U2charist Information Page  Looking for a way to engage your congregation in the MDG’s and in new forms of worship? You’ve come to the right place. Perhaps you’ve heard about them on the news or by word … Continue reading

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Heart Attack Waiting To Happen

Deep Fried Pizza

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That’s a big burger


He’s called a Pangolin



The Availability of Sweet Tea In Virginia as a Representation of the Mason-Dixon Line

The following is a nonscientific investigation into the relationship of Sweet Tea availability and  the separation of northern and southern cultures in the United States.  An interesting phenomenon exists somewhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The northern and urban areas … Continue reading

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Is the end near for the Dewey Decimal?

When the new Gilbert library opens next month, it will be the first public library in the nation whose entire collection will be categorized without the Dewey Decimal Classification System, Maricopa County librarians say. Instead, tens of thousands of books … Continue reading

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I’m Not Gay, I Just Like Rainbows Air Freshener


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