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All is well in the Wikipedia world

The History section on the Whataburger entry has been updated. I’m glad I helped to contribute a little bit in the war against terrorism by pointing out the mistake.


Top 10 Most Unusual Scholarships

1. Duck brand duct tape Stuck-at-Prom Contest Shopping for a prom outfit can be tough and students want to ensure no one else has the same dress. If a student wears the latest fashion in duct tape, he or she … Continue reading

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Ruth Graham and Bono

Thanks to Heather for letting me know that Bono is part of the Ruth Graham slideshow on BillyGraham.org.

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208 (kilometers per hour) = 129.245208 miles per hour

  Frenchman Marc Gicquel is dragged away by a doctor after he received a serve, travelling at 208 kilometres per hour, in the testicles during the fourth day of the Halle ATP tennis tournament, 14 June 2007 at the Gerry-Weber-Stadion … Continue reading


College Education and Faith

The conflict between a college education and the faith that students bring to campus (secular campuses at least) is well accepted. The more you pursue a higher education, the more likely you are to abandon your faith — at least … Continue reading

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Interesting Warning Sticker

One of my Honk Kong readers had this posted on his blog. I also found this part of his post interesting: When The Passion opened in theaters (in Malaysia), the government only allowed it to be viewed by Christians. Tickets … Continue reading


Bono’s Dog?

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Hamas and Palestine

I sadly admit I know nothing about the importance of what is going on in Gaza right now, but it’s been the lead news story for a while now.