All is well in the Wikipedia world

The History section on the Whataburger entry has been updated.

I’m glad I helped to contribute a little bit in the war against terrorism by pointing out the mistake.

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2 Responses to All is well in the Wikipedia world

  1. Jack says:

    There was a Whataburger in Baton Rouge, LA in the 50’s, ’60’s and 70’s that was not afiliated with what we think as Whataburger. I heard that this Louisiana Whataburger had a trademark that kept the other Whataburger from franchising into LA until it closed down. I used to eat at the one in Baton Rouge on Plank Road. and it was good. I’m not sure, but Whataburger may have stolen the name and the concept from them.

  2. Wife Geeding II says:

    There was a Whataburger in Bossier City, LA that I use to eat at in the 70’s. It closed in the 80’s after being hit by a tornado. We would then drive to Marshall Texas to enjoy a Whataburger!!!! It was a red letter day when Whataburger returned to Bossier City!!!

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