U2 Pictures That Caught My Eye

U2 Fathers and Sons

U2 Abbey Road

Edge With A Big Book

Wedding Bells

He’s getting thin on top.

Time To Hit The Gym Bonochubbybono.jpg

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3 Responses to U2 Pictures That Caught My Eye

  1. Pete says:

    Those are reallly wonderful shots. The top one reminds me of a picture I saw in rolling stone a long time ago of the top 25 guitarists of the last 50 years. All of them showed up at a benefit and someone had the thought of capturing them in a picture.

    Bono still amazes me in that as he's gotten older, he really has held on to his swagger. He embraces his age and dresses and acts as a trendy 40 something; not old, not frumpy, just trendy. Sure he's a rockstar, but still…

  2. darren Wilhite says:

    Pride…In the name of…Lunch?

  3. TheDuck says:

    Hi Geeding!

    Congrats on your great blog! I’ve been regularly visiting 🙂

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