Trip Down Memory Lane

When I was KidGeeding there was this cartoon I couldn’t get enought of, I called it G-Force even though I don’t think that is the actual name.  I remember one time Mom and I were traving back from Fort Worth and I noticed that we would be arriving home late and I would miss my favorite cartoon.  Being the loving mom that she was, she stepped on the gas and even got pulled over trying to get me home in time.  I wish I could remember the officer’s face as my mom told him she was speeding so her half-asian boy could watch a cartoon show.  Anywho, here’s the opening scene of that cartoon, I’m wondering if any of your out there remember it.

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6 Responses to Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. Doug says:

    OK. I remember this but it was a bit after my time. I was more of a Speed Racer guy.

  2. No Evil Doer says:

    Johnny Quest, Clutch Cargo, Davy & Goliath for me. Ya’ll are such youngsters. In my teens, it was Banana Splits and The Monkees. Maybe my son remembers this one. What fun!

  3. Cowboys Homer says:

    I remamber this one. My favorites were Starblazers and Robotech.

  4. Theresa says:

    My husband loved this show as a kid too. Especially the panty shot in the intro.

  5. hot_banana says:

    yes. i remember that cartoon. although, i wasn’t a little kid anymore – i would watch cartoons. still do.

    gumby, casper, speed racer, spiderman, thunderbirds are go, stingray, captain scarlett, hannah-barbera shows were a few of the cartoons i used to watch. now, i have quite a few of the gerry anderson “supermarionation” collection. oyyy…

  6. Haymoose says:

    I loved this one too! What about the one with the space-travelling Battleship with the “Wave-motion” gun in the front of the hull? That one was awesome too!!!

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