Trash Filled Car Causes Accident

A car crash in West Yarmouth led police to the discovery of a filthy car filled to the brim with trash and rubbish. According to police, there was so much trash inside 53-year-old Ann Biglan’s Ford Focus, it completely filled the inside from the floor to the ceiling front and back.

The copious amounts of trash apparently caused the crash. Biglan told police several old coffee cups and pieces of trash fell onto the gas and brake pedal, which caused her to lose control while backing out of a parking space near the West Yarmouth Post Office.



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2 Responses to Trash Filled Car Causes Accident

  1. campioni says:

    um… buoni, realmente buoni luogo e molto utile;)

  2. chris edwards says:

    This sort of thing is incredibly bizarre, but sadly commonplace in my neighborhood. I live in East Texas–Nacogdoches, to be exact and there is a man known far-and-wide for this very activity. He combs Dumpsters and trashcans around the entire town looking for trash to add to his car, which usually looks like a maroon-colored Dumpster on wheels, and is always parked a few streets over from my house. Its nastiness can still be smelled from my porch on days when the winds are strong. Not only is the man known for his trash-collecting, but also for a bizarre fascination with cockroaches and other proclivities that would make one’s skin crawl. The problem in Nacogdoches is, though, that the police do not want to bother with the “Trash Man,” as they are more than likely afraid of him and his nastiness. Once I was stuck behind his completely obstructed trash wagon in traffic and called the police to report it. The officer who answered the call asked for the license plate number, and laughed when I told him, said something like, “Oh, yes sir, we know that car and that guy. He’s been warned repeatedly.”

    I did not realize just how bizarre this sort of thing was until I got out of my neighborhood for a while and related that same anecdote to someone who deemed my stories of the “Trash Man” truly “horrible.” I think they call these sort of folks “hoarders,” and there seems to be support group communities online for them, as well as the “children of hoarders.” There is that old adage, which I usually subscribe to, that it “takes all kinds to make a world,” but at the risk of our well-being? I personally have vomited on more than one occasion after having been in the same room with the “Trash Man.” I can only imagine the response of those around Ms. Biglan.

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