Top Ten Unmanliest Superheroes

I was surprised to see Batman on this list, but he makes a good point regarding the untility belt:

For starters, he has to use all those gadgets and gizmos to get anything done, and while some may hail his utility belt as a wonderful piece of crime-fighting equipment, all I see is a glorified fanny pack.

See the entire list here.

Here’s a hint on who’s number one:


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2 Responses to Top Ten Unmanliest Superheroes

  1. Bone says:

    Since Batman bludgeons most of his enemies with hand to hand combat, I’d have to say his inclusion makes this a cheap list. Also Thor and the Incredible Hulk are much cooler than he makes them out to be.


  2. Doug says:

    I gotta say Superman is kind of a wimp. He relies on all that super strength to gete by. Without it he is a clumsy Clark Kent.

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