There’s No Place Like Home

New York was a blast, but I’m happy to be at home preparing to watch the Super Bowl with DogGeeding sitting on my lap.

I thought it was funny how it was snowing in Dallas, but when I got to NYC there wasn’t any snow.  Too bad, it would have made the experience a little more magical.

sweatshirt.jpgSomething on the flight back struck me as a bit odd.  There was a lady using knitting needles, I would have thought those would have been banned by the TSA since they seem like a convenient weapon.  Guess they were too busy being on the look out for water bottles and the such.

The W Hotel in Times Square was nice, but a little too Zoolanderish.  They even try to trick things up by changing the names of certain things:

Lifts – Elevators
Style – Housekeeping
Living Room – Lobby
Whatever Whenever – Front Desk
Studio – Convention Meeting Rooms
Sweat – Gym


It was interesting when we first arrived.  We were told to go to the 7th floor.  That was where the lobby Living Room was located.  From the 7th floor we had to take a different set of elevators to get to our room on the 33d floor.  I always thought that a hotel lobby or whatever you call it would be on the ground floor.

One thing I really dug about NY was the culture.  You see so many different skin tones and religious affiliations and you hear so many different accents and languages – it truely is a cultural melting pot and makes for an ideal America in my opinion.  Sometimes I think us folks here in Texas seem think that being an American means being white and being a Christian (SBC affiliated of course), or that there is a certain criteria of everyone being of like faith and background.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Texas and may be over-generalizing, but sometimes in the South we get a little touchy if we hear someone speak a language other than English or automatically demonize something that isn’t Christian.  Once again don’t get me wrong, it is my desire for everyone to know the love and grace of Jesus Christ, but I get the impression around here that if someone is of another faith they are kinda looked down upon.  I think the lack of diversity here in Texas robs us of the opportunty of appreciating another person’s culture and background.  Consider yourself lucky and blessed New York.

The other thing I really dug about New York is how people don’t take certain things so seriously.  In Texas if someone gets honked at or cut off in traffic, that person takes things so personally and wants to get even so fast he or she will cause a near accident just to make a point.  It seems that most of the time New Yorkers just let it roll off.  I find that trait admirable.  I have to admit I’ve been guilty of allowing someone that I will never see again in my life that was only part of my day for 5 seconds of a 20 minute commute to ruin my entire day.  Sometimes it’s just best to move on.

Finally, the highlight of the trip other than SisterGeeding and Juliard, was WifeGeeding and I getting to meet my Favorite East Coast Pastor and his wife, oh and their doggie.  They were kind enough to invite us in their Cenral Park apartment for a very tasty brunch with U2 playing in the background.  Who knew my little website would bring such great people in my life.  It was as if we have been friends all our lives as time flew by as we talked about family, culture, and faith.  It truely was a blessed occasion, and I’m thankful they are now a part of my life.  I feel certain that if we lived in the same area we would be hanging out with them all the time – well, here’s hoping that may happen someday.


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4 Responses to There’s No Place Like Home

  1. MToots says:

    This looks like a happy group! Hope they can come to Texas and visit w/ you someday.

  2. littlepastor says:

    So did you get any inside information on whether your Favorite East Coast Pastor is starting up his blog again?

  3. Doug says:

    I’m really impressed. You got a picture in NYC with a tree in the picture.

    Even more impressive is how the internet creates virtual communities. People who come together as friends for no reason other than to share common interests.

  4. Nathan Hart says:

    We love you guys! Yes, ditto on all that you said.

    (I would like to write more, but am at staff meetings out-of-state for a few days.)

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