The Lenten Season

Back when I was a Baptist in West Texas I thought the Lenten season was something weird only the Catholics did.  It was only last year that I actually saw someone with a cross of ash on a forehead.  But now as a recovering Baptist attending a Bible church, I’m learning a lot about this 40 day season of preparation for Easter, or spiritual renewal and commitment.  I’m also starting to notice a lot more crosses of ash on foreheads.  I think several years ago I would find that act of having a cross of ash right smack middle on a forehead strange, but even though I don’t partake of that ritual I found I have a very reverent respect for that practice.

Yesterday WifeGeeding asked if there was anything I was going to give up for Lent.  I playfully told her kissing, in which she replied, “No your not.”  Isn’t it sad that WifeGeeding is supressing my spiritual development? 😉

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