The Easiest Way to Transfer and Measure Angles

Angle-izer Instant Template

Finally a quick, precise way to measure angles without having to construct a special template. Just set the Angle-izer Instant Template in place, slide its four arms to conform to your project’s angles, then tighten the thumbscrews. Perfect for laying tile or flooring, or fitting countertops to corners. Includes CD-ROM for your Windows computer with project calculator for cutting parts to fit arches or circular patterns (perfect for cutting pavers to fit curving walkways, etc.).



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2 Responses to The Easiest Way to Transfer and Measure Angles

  1. big b says:

    seems like a good idea, but doesn’t really work that well. bubble…….bursting…….

  2. marcus says:

    I bought one and dont even know if I’ll ever use it but damn its cool 🙂

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