Southern Baptist Seminaries’ Policy and Procedures On Hiring Female Biblical Studies Professors

Some of you may remember an earlier posting about Sheri Klouda who received her doctorate from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, was hired to teach there, but then told she could not get tenure because she is a woman.

Below is an article about other Southern Baptist seminaries and their policies and procedures regarding their stand on hiring women to teach theology or pastoral ministries courses.

In early February the TEXAN asked the leadership of the five other SBC seminaries about their procedures and policies regarding the appointment of biblical studies professors.  Midwestern Seminary, Southern Seminary, New Orleans Seminary, and Southeastern Seminary granted interviews with the seminary presidents. Golden Gate Seminary responded to questions by e-mail.  

The seminaries, each with its own trustee governing board, differ slightly in policy and practice. None, however, has women teaching theology or pastoral ministries courses.  The following are the questions the TEXAN asked and the responses by the seminaries’ presidents or spokesmen.

Read the rest here.

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