Oh Those Crazy Germans



I bet if this float was built in Texas (aka W-Land) the builders would be taken to a hanging tree.  But wouldn’t it be funny to see this thing strolling by during the opening ceremony of the W library?

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2 Responses to Oh Those Crazy Germans

  1. MToots says:

    Come on! Show a little respect! One doesn’t have to agree w/ George to recognize that he IS our president and this office deserves RESPECT.

  2. FM1310 says:

    lost all respect for the guy when he sent U.S. troops to find WMD’s in Iraq when all along there weren’t any.

    even though this float is in germany, who says we have to respect this guy. sure he’s the president, but our first ammendment right gives us the privilege of voicing our opinions about what a total ass this guy is. we can respect the office of the president, but not any particular person that holds that office

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