Need Help Planning Religious Travel?

Try the World Religious Travel Assosciation.

The World Religious Travel Association (WRTA) is the world’s premier organization dedicated to leading, enriching, and expanding the religious travel industry.  WRTA exists to bring the trade and consumer together for the primary purpose of promoting and providing quality religious travel experiences around the globe. The religious travel industry includes virtually every segment of tourism and comprises the following seven segments:

  • Tour Operators, Cruise Lines, Tourist Boards & Travel     Wholesalers
  • Travel Suppliers & Vendors

  • Travel Agencies & Consortiums

  • Religious Suppliers & Vendors

  • Churches, Religious & Non-profit Organizations

  • Individuals & Clergy

  • Media

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One Response to Need Help Planning Religious Travel?

  1. Christine says:

    I found a great website to help plan religious group travel, Here are some tips and advice as well as top destinations for religous specific group travel.

    Groople’s tips and advice for religious group travel include the following:
    •Plan ahead. This ensures you find the group rates you need, the location you want and more importantly the dates that work better for everyone. Usually the larger the group the more in advance you should plan. Groople recommends at least 60-90 days in advance.
    •Remember your group members. Keep in mind the purpose of the trip as well as the people traveling. If you’re planning a trip for an elderly group, you should keep in mind any special requirements of the attendees. If you’re planning a trip with children, you must be mindful of chaperones. In the case of planning for a retreat of personal growth, you should search facilities that encourage comfort, openness and relaxation.
    •There are many services and tools Groople offers to plan a successful religious getaway such as:
    •Ability to add amenities which suit your specific needs
    •Recommended trip plans and ideas
    •Available maps with location of hotels in relation to chosen area
    •Available group travel planners able to assist with your searches

    •Top Religious Trip Group Travel Destinations:
    Columbus, OH

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