My heart goes out to Gary

Gary is one of my coworkers.  He’s in his early 40’s, but lost a leg to cancer when he was 22.   There were 13 guys in the same cancer study group he was in, only three chose amputation, and those three are the only ones that are alive today.  I always considered him an inspiration to my single friends.  As a one-legged bald guy in his 40’s, he married a very beautiful Christian lady.  Some guys since they have nothing to offer, but if a one-legged cancer surviving bald guy can find a pretty classy lady in his 40’s, there’s hope out there for them all.

Gary’s dad died on Friday, just one day after his 73rd birthday.  I just finished attending the funeral, but Gary couldn’t make it because he was very sick.  Not only does he have flu like symptoms, but he experiences phantoms pains from the leg that isn’t there anymore – I guess it triggers and gets more painful when he gets emotional.  You have to be very very sick not to make your father’s funeral.  His wife spoke for him.  I already know he’s proud of her, but today I can totally see why she’s a wife of noble character.

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2 Responses to My heart goes out to Gary

  1. Margaretm says:

    grace. peace. strength. love. hope. joy. comfort. rest. amen.

  2. Tammy says:

    He’ll be in my thoughts and prayers!

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