Most Beloved U.S. Buildings

Even more Empire State Building stuff . . .

America’s favorite building in the U.S. is the Empire State Building, while Frank Lloyd Wright was the nation’s most prolific architect of popular structures—this according to a Harris Interactive poll released today in honor of the American Institute of Architect’s 150th anniversary. To compile its list of the most popular buildings in the U.S., Harris Interactive polled more than 1,800 adults based on a preselected list of 247 buildings compiled by an AIA panel. The AIA commissioned the survey to generate public awareness about architecture.

Here’s the top 10:


Empire State Building – New York, NY


The White House – Washington, DC


Washington National Cathedral – Washington DC


Thomas Jefferson Memorial – Washington DC


Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, CA


US Capitol – Washington, DC


Lincoln Memorial – Washington, DC


Biltmore Estates/Vanderbilt Residence – Ashville, NC


Chrysler Building – New York, NY


Vietnam Veterans Memorial – Washington, DC

Personally, I don’t think a bridge or a memorial qualifies as a building.  But then again, I’m a blogger, not an architect.

There are six buildings from Texas.  See the full list here or here (with pictures!)

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