Month Spelling Difficulties Rankings

I’m sure all the advid readers of BON know I am a horrible speller, as evident by all my typos and mispellings.

Well, today I visited a friend’s blog and saw this graphic.


It got me to thinking about the difficulties of spelling the months.

So here is my list of easiest to most difficult month spellings:

12 – May: One syllable and three letters – hard to screw that one up.

11 – June: See May, but add a letter.

10 – March: One syllable and easy to sound out. 

9 – July: Because of Independence Day it’s advertised everywhere and easy to remember.  It’s also the easiest of the two-syllable months and just four letters. 

8 – April: Nice two-syllable-easy-to-sound-out month. 

7,6 – TIE November and December:   Both are long in number of letters and syllables, but not intimidating since they are easy to sound out and the only difference between them is in the first three letters.  As a kid I always had a sense of accomplishment spelling out these two long words.  

5 – October:  As a kid I wanted to end this with a ‘ur’.  Trust me, I wasn’t and still ain’t that bright. 

4 – September:  Something about that ‘p’ annoys me. 

3 – January: Those double vowels intimidate me. 

2 – August:  For some reason I always want to add an ‘e’ somewhere.  I guess when I see “gust” I think of “guest”.  What’s sad is this is my birth month.  

1 – February: Because of my Texas twang, I always want to leave out that first ‘r’ and it has that double vowel intimidation thing going on as well.

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  1. littlepastor says:

    I remember in HighSchool Spanish that I always thought the Espanol word for January was way off! It just didn’t seem to fit.

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