Megachurches Desegregate Worship

hmed2phmedium.jpegLEXINGTON, Mass. – Sundays at the evangelical Grace Chapel megachurch look like the American ideal of race relations: African-American, Haitian, white, Chinese and Korean families sing along with a white, guitar-playing pastor.

U.S. churches rarely have this kind of ethnic mix. But that’s changing. Researchers who study race and religion say Grace Chapel is among a vanguard of megachurches that are breaking down racial barriers in American Christianity, altering the long-segregated landscape of Sunday worship.

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And to think I use to try to avoid these places, now I’m a director of a Bible Community at a megachurch.  Yes Cajun Pastor, I said Bible Community and not Sunday School – I hope you’re happy.

Dallas-Fort Worth is full of megachurches, I think I’m going to start taking pictures and sharing them on this website.

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  1. Cajun Pastor says:

    I am happy. Good to know that we have some half-asians in the mix at IBC!

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