I soooo need one of these (hint, hint WifeGeeding)




The Underbed Lift from MK I Studio is the original.  We invented the concept and have been refining it for almost a decade.  A 50” panel with Amplifiers, DVD, VCR, Subwoofer, and 7 channels of surround can be concealed beneath a King size bed  and a 42” panel and all the same equipment can be concealed under a Queen size bed.  Both only take 45 seconds to deploy.

The Underbed Lift gives you the freedom to decorate any way you desire without having an entertainment center or cabinet as the main focal point. It also won’t take up your floor space or block the view out  of windows and doors.


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2 Responses to I soooo need one of these (hint, hint WifeGeeding)

  1. uncle to niece geedi says:

    set your sights higher. like maybe a mirror on the ceiling 🙂

  2. hot_banana says:

    i want one of those, too!

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