Have you ever asked, “How many people died in that movie?”

If so, then I have found a website for you.


Movie Body Counts tallies the actual, visible “on screen kills/deaths” of your favorite action, sci/fi, and war films.

For instance, here are the Top Body Count Movies:

1. LotR: Return of the King (ex): 836
2. LotR: Two Towers (ex): 468
3. Hard Boiled: 307
4. Equilibrium: 236
5. Bullet in the Head: 214

And here are the Top Characters:

1. John Preston (Equilibrium): 118
2. Topper Harley (Hot Shots! Part Deux): 103

3. Tetsuo (Akira): 96
4. John Matrix (Commando): 81
Ken (A Better Tomorrow II): 78

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