Ex-Baylor star walks away from basketball

nkosi.jpegFar from her family and the friends of a basketball life, removed from the Baylor University community where she helped win the 2005 NCAA women’s championship, Emily Nkosi has taken a once unimaginable turn. At 21, as a student at the University of Massachusetts, she has not held a basketball since last fall, when she helped young children discover the value of a game she left behind.

Her name was Emily Niemann when her obsessive pursuit of a national championship required a daily commitment throughout her adolescence. But after playing an essential role in Baylor’s NCAA championship victory against Michigan State, Nkosi chose a path that led her to leave the school, publicly acknowledge her life as a lesbian, give up the game and embrace a new identity.


The school mentions it doesn’t revoke scholarships for homosexuality, so I would have liked to see what would have happend if she was open about her sexuality while at Baylor.

I also appreciated this Baylor Law grad’s point of view of the matter.


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3 Responses to Ex-Baylor star walks away from basketball

  1. Bone says:

    This story only reinforces the stereotypes I have heard about women’s basketball players.


  2. MToots says:

    Comment !:10 a.m. on lawyer link. Very good….and very true!

  3. many years ago BU had to revisit their policies on civil rights. some thought this was big government interfering in the operations of a private university. but the university was accepting federal dollars, and ultimately had to revise their position on civil rights for African Americans.

    if the civil rights of gays were protected then this type of outright injustice would not be allowed.

    it’s time.

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