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darklogo.gifWhether you’re rich, poor, old, young, famous or an average Joe, Dr. Prison wants to give you the know-how to get through prison. Dr. Prison knows prison life, not as a mere spectator like a lawyer or judge, but as someone who has served extensive time in several prisons.

Dr. Prison’s consultation is not based on some “prison logic” from television or movies, but personal experience with enduring all facets of prison life. Furthermore, the information, knowledge, and educated advice from Dr. Prison will not merely give you confidence; it WILL save your life.

Price: $275.00 for jail. $375.00 for prison.


If you don’t know how to act in prison, you will have…

  • 25-30% chance of getting killed during your prison sentence.

  • 10-15% chance of getting raped during your prison sentence.

  • 30-40% chance of getting stabbed during your prison sentence.

  • 80-90% chance of getting beaten during your prison sentence.

If you make trouble in prison, you could face…

  • 23-hour solitary confinement, with 1 hour outside, all alone.

  • No visits or privileges of any kind.

  • A cell worse than this.

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  1. Doug says:

    So this guy has spent time in jail and prison and he wants me to give him my credit card over the internet? Why does a red flag go off in my brain.

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