Churches Observe Evolution Sunday – Cultural War Still Simmers Over Darwin

The Rev. Jeffrey Spencer believes in God. He also believes in the Big Bang and evolution.  (Just like Geeding)

“In fact, I would say with evolution that it’s as certain as science can ever be,” said Spencer, a minister at Niles Congregational United Church of Christ in Fremont.

The harmonious mix of faith and science will be his sermon topic today when Niles Congregational joins more than 500 churches across the country for Evolution Sunday.

Coinciding with Charles Darwin’s birthday Monday, it’s part of a movement to provide a moderate voice in the divisive debate between creation and evolution that has often pitted the faithful against the scientists.

We “believe the timeless truths of the Bible and the discoveries of modern science may comfortably co-exist,” states an open letter signed by 10,500 clergy members. Science answers the when and how the world came into being, but why we’re here falls into religion’s realm.


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