Cheerleading Industry To Get Hall Of Fame

061000whbush3.jpegAUSTIN, TX – Proformance Sports Marketing and Entertainment announced today the planned opening of the nations official Cheerleading Hall of Fame.

Cheerleaders throughout our history will get their official Hall of Fame to honor the great men and women who dragged their fans kicking and screaming on to a victory. The CHOF will be a tribute to the victorious American spirit whose legacy will include many presidents, senators, movie stars, famous industrialists, and otherwise super achievers whose bold spirit made America the great place it is today not only for the cheerleaders but for Americans. It will also include those considered milestone achievers, multi-skilled athletes, and trend setters within the industry. The consortium, to be made up of a cross-section of industry experts, will induct the inaugural class of Hall of Famers. Possible Hall of Fame locations include: Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, California and the Orlando area.


Care to guess who’s the cheerleader in the picture?  Find out here.

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