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  • One last entry on Vietcong Charlie The Travel Agent.  I ended up taking the advice of my lawyer friends and followed Charlie’s instructions to get my partial refund.  However, after the refund I sent a letter to the Texas Attorney General. 
  • Speaking of getting screwed, my friend Gary is a cancer survivor who had a leg amputated.  On Sunday he parked in a handicap parking spot across the street from a restaurant, that is, the restaurant didn’t own that parking area.  The property owner of said parking lot didn’t like the idea of Gary parking there so he called a tow truck.  Gary is now out $150. Speaking of Gary, it always amazes me that he has to go and get his permanent handicap parking tag that he hangs on his rear view mirror renewed.  It’s not like his leg is going to grow back anytime soon.
  • Vietnam is less than a month away and just by luck the guy at the Visa office mentioned that we should check with the Vietnam Embassy about bringing Mom’s ashes to Vietnam.  I told him I have these two papers the funeral home provided, but then he further urged me to check with the embassy to make sure.  Well, I’m sure glad he did.  Turns out I have to have my family in Vietnam fill out some paperwork, I have to fill out some paperwork, and then we have to do some other stuff.   We’ll be cutting it close, but hopefully we can get this done and take Mom back to her homeland.
  • I read that Vietnam is one of the safest countries in the world regarding crime because no citizen wants to mess with the Communist government.
  • camelback.jpgThe one thing I keep hearing about Vietnam is to drink bottled water.  I took it a step further and bought a Camelbak.  It’s basically a backpack with a 3 liter water pouch inside that has a tube that is easily accessible from the front.  It will be full of bottled water.
  • A few of you have asked how am I able to blog using my cell phone.  Bascially I use a mobile blogging software called mo:Blog on my Palm Treo 700P.  My Treo is basically a cell phone and PDA on steroids since I can not only check email, surf the Internet, play MP3’s, take pictures and record video, use a live version of Google Maps, listen to the radio, and work on MS Office documents – but I can watch live TV on it as well.
  • Some of you have asked if it helps me when you do an Amazon search using BON.  In short, it does and even more so if you follow through with a transaction (Amazon Associates Compensation Overview).  I will also soon be placing a Google search bar on BON.  Their Adsense policy is pretty strict and states I really can’t say anthing about.
  • Yes, BON over the weekend when through some changes.  I know the font is a little smaller than normal, and I can’t decide if I want to change it or not.  You may also notice that the banner is a little different in size and the width area on the posts is a bit larger.  Be prepared for another page I plan on adding.
  • I don’t know why I get attached to or give feelings to inadamant objects.  For instance, I just sold the very first car I bought, and I kinda miss it. When I went to meet the first person that wanted to see it, the Check Engine light came on.  Like it was mad at me for selling it or something.  I told the very Christian single parent that wanted to buy it that I would have it fixed, and she agreed to put a down payment on it and make weekly payments when her tax refund came in, but understood if I sold it to someone else for a higher price.  I could tell she really wanted this car, and her son in third grade really liked it as well.  Lucky for me, when I got the Check Engine light repaired it was covered by a warranty for some previous work I had on it. On Sunday a young couple trying to get on their feet called and wanted to see the car.  When they were test driving it, the fan for the AC and heater dies.  Now I’m thinking my car is darn right PO’ed at me for trying to sell it.  However, I knocked a few hundred off the price and they decided to go ahead and buy it.  We met at my church where I just finished getting out of a meeting to take care of the paperwork.  The second, and I mean the second that I finished signing over the title my cell phone rings and it’s the very Christian single parent.  She was disappointed that I sold the car, but I told her that I wouldn’t feel comfortable selling her a car without AC in Texas.  I then prayed with her acknowledging that God is the great provider and that something would work out in her favor.  Also, she may have been getting a little over her head since she was waiting on her tax refund to make the down payment and then the weekly payments that I mentioned earlier.  After the transfer of cash and title, the young couple decided to stay at church and worship with us.  The sermon was over poverty and adjusting our life on how to give.  After service the young couple stated they feel really sorry for the lady that didn’t get the car, and wanted her number because they knew of a car she might want that was in her price range.
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