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I thought I would help out one of my readers since I’m a lover of dogs and of course, my readers.

Adopt A Dallas Pet – Online PetWork exists in order to help network adoptable pets, shelter pets, owner-surrendered pets, or strays that have been found by someone in the community; however the emphasis is on owner surrenders and strays.

Our target audience is shelters and rescue groups that may be in a position to help one of these animals, so if you are involved in a group, please subscribe to this site to get the latest posts.

If you are in the Irving area, maybe this lab would make a great friend?


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One Response to Adopt A Dallas Pet – Online Petwork

  1. Chris OConnell says:

    Thank you SirGeeding for posting this Scooby pup for rescue. He needs a good home and has been living/playing with children for the past several days in the Irving area. He is about six months old.

    Being in MN and trying to find a home for this pup isn’t easy, even with the folks I still know in North Texas. I appreciate your time in making this post.

    God Bless you and yours,
    aka Goose

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