Youth Takes Jesus To The Movies

A youth group brings a cardboard cutout to a mall as an exercise in taking Christ outside of church.

Jesus went to the mall and a movie Saturday.

As one might have hoped, he was welcome wherever he went.

The life-size cutout of Jesus was accompanied by a youth group from Lamoni United Methodist Church who came to Jordan Creek Town Center in West Des Moines to view the movie “The Nativity Story.”

As they took turns pushing the cardboard Jesus on a two-wheeled handcart through the mall’s festive decorations and Christmas music, the faces of the shoppers around them registered surprise and curiosity.


I wonder if they buckle him up when they drive around?


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One Response to Youth Takes Jesus To The Movies

  1. moldy says:

    There we go again, parading Jesus…and keeping the man down…tied down…to a dolly,

    Ahem. I mean. Amen.

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