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Fun With Marshmallows

Found this from a blog that link to me. Sweet victory! Pump-action rapid fire shoots mini marshmallows over 30 feet. The easy-to-refill magazine holds 25 mini marshmallows for non-stop action.   Buy one here.


They’re back with new music

Sorry Doug, there’s no Trans-Siberian Orchestra music this time. Watch it here.

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That was fast . . .

I got my first BagOfNothing Christmas card in the mail today. Thanks, Amanda!


Because I still act like I’m 12 years old

Infared Fart Video

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A Brief History of Pop Music — In Four Chords

Benny Davis shows how four chords on the piano can cover at least 13 pop music favorites. Link

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For the Snowflake Fan

These pictures show real snow crystals that fell to earth in Northern Ontario, Alaska, Vermont, the Michigan Upper Peninsula, and the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.  They were captured by Kenneth G. Libbrecht using a specially designed snowflake photomicroscope. Link

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I’m sure this wouldn’t be allowed on a plane

G.R.A.D. .22 RS Knife gun. holds 5 .22 cal bullets in a revolver type loader. fires with every pull of the trigger on the handle. Link YouTube Video


Holiday Themed Toilet Paper

Buy some here.

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