Visual Kit for The Blood of Jesus

img136.jpegFrom Kids In Ministry International

Saving you time, effort, and money! We have assembled an incredible group of visuals and object lessons to make your sermons stimulating and memorable! You’ll use these items over and over again in your ministry career!
img40.gifWhat’s Included for $124.95:
Crown of Thorns
One Crucifixion Nail
Cat of Nine Tails Whip
Tabernacle Felt Set
Life-size Latex Heart Model
Kids Discover Magazine on Blood
Scarlet Cord with Tassels
Cardboard Ark of the Covenant
Cardboard Brazen Altar
Instructions to Make High Priest Costume
Instructions to Make a Temple Veil
Chef’s cap for High Priest’s Crown
Judge’s Gavel
Simplicity Patterns for Bible costumes.
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