This picture made me laugh


And here are two articles from the Washington Post debating if W is the worst president in U.S. history.  I found the second article more interesting since a Reagan biographer was interviewed.



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  1. uncle to niece geeding says:

    The legacy of George W brings to mind his presidential libery. My hometown, Waco, and my alma mater, Baylor are vying for this ?prestigious bequest. So is Dallas/SMU. On behalf of my hometown and alma mater, I say let Dallas have it. Personally, I would be embarassed to invoke being home of the george w presidential libery in an attempt to proclaim Waco’ or Baylor’s greatness.

    Tommye Lou Davis, in her attempt to bring the libery to Waco/BU said that Waco “fits the personality of the president. This area is the best-kept secret in Texas.” I agree with the first statement, but I consider that Waco’s “dirty little secret” not the “best-kept secret.” She then says that Waco has all the advantages of a big city (Dallas) “without the hassle.” Tommye Lou may benefit from some reality testing.

    On the other hand, some SMU theology professors ask ” Do we want SMU to benefit financially from a legacy of massive violence, destruction, and death brought about by the Bush presidency in dismissal of broad international opinion? What moral justification supports SMU’s providing a haven for a legacy of environmental predation and denial of global warming, shameful exploitation of gay rights, and the most critical erosion of habeas corpus in memory?”

    I have no great interest in who gets the library. But I believe the university that loses the bid will be the real winner.

  2. MToots says:

    UTNG….PLEASE use spell check before you enter your comments!! Once again I must correct your spelling!
    “Library”, not “libery”. Oh, it does my heart good. Still love ya’………..smarty pants!

  3. uncle to niece geeding says:

    no, the correct Bush spelling is “libery,” y’all

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