Simon Sez Santa 2.0

simonsanta.jpgJust type in a command and he does what you ask. 

He does quite a bit, here are a few of the commands I typed and he “performed”

  • Jump
  • Kick Chair
  • Fart
  • Poop
  • Sing
  • Ride Rudolf

But he wouldn’t “throw Rudolf.”


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2 Responses to Simon Sez Santa 2.0

  1. wallyj says:

    He wouldn’t throw rudolf, but try “pick up rudolf” (hilarious)

    Some others I found:

    yodel, riverdance, slow motion, jump over chair, burn tree, throw present, punch elf, hide, ninja, vanish, levitate, cry and die

    Just don’t type in “moon”…(i warned ya)

  2. lcooper says:


    kill rudolph
    drink a beer
    trash the set
    sex with elf

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