Prison Ministry

Loyal BON reader Rick sent me this link about a pastor staying in prison to minister.

I found these snippits a bit interesting.

I’ve been here about a month now.  I am fine physically and even getting in a little better shape since I have time to work out several times a day.  The food is tolerable and the room is well lit and comfortable.  The five new converts that are in this pod with me are meeting with me four to five times each day for Bible study and prayer.  This is a pastor’s dream! 

I offer commissary items like soup or coffee to men who memorize Bible verses.  There is no way to describe the joy that they show when they get it right.

I understand his intent and I know he means well, but I do find it a little amusing having convicts work for their food by memorizing scripture.  I mean, if I was hungry and didn’t have immediate access to food, I would memorize almost anything.

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