Poll Results – Worst Part of the holidays


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2 Responses to Poll Results – Worst Part of the holidays

  1. Doug says:

    I’m curious to know what people like about Christmas. This poll sort of made us sound Scroogy and I don’t think that’s correct about the folks on this blog.

  2. moldy says:

    my family. pannetone. turkey. the smell of trees. tradition of heading to church as a family. snow on the ground. or should i say…memories… of snow on the ground, you know…that whole global warming rumor. songs. the idea of santa claus. the hope that people all of a sudden have. the fact that those dining out actually tip like they should. yes, fruitcake. hot chocolate in red starbucks cups. candles. white lights. reruns of the holiday favorites : christmas vacation, miracle on 34th, a christmas story, it’s a wonderful life.

    yes, the jesus stuff comes later. because in my life it wasn’t about jesus until I was 18. it was about the over-commercialized holiday that many of you complained about. but i loved it and still do.

    think about this: is it a little silly to celebrate Jesus’ supposed “traditional” birthday?

    i don’t have an answer, but i am thinking about it…pros and cons and all…just something to chew on mayhaps.


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