New U2 Video: Window in the Skies

The video shows a bunch of classic footage from Elivs, Sinatra, Johnny Cash, Flava Flav, Nat King Cole, Lois Armstrong, David Bowie, Jay Z and many more singing in tune or lip synching to the new U2 song.  If you watch carefully, you will see the band members in some crowd shots.

Watch the video here.

Update:  If you want to see them perform the video in Japan, click here.

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2 Responses to New U2 Video: Window in the Skies

  1. Doug says:

    Good song, genius video. I particularly loved the guy whaling on the cymbal at the 2:25 mark. Also of note, they used Public Enemy clips. Public Enemy opened up for them on the outdoor leg of the ZooTV tour.

  2. Nathan says:

    Bono often uses the word “Love” as a synonym for “God.” This song clearly typifies that poetic device (watch the second video and read the lyrics.)

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