Help Rebuild The Krzyston Family

59.jpegOn Thanksgiving Morning our family packed up a 26 ft Penske Moving Truck and moved cross country from Chicago to Los Angeles.  On the last leg of our trip we stopped in Las Vegas the night of Saturday November 25th, 2006.

We booked a suite at the Venetian Hotel and were instructed to park in their oversized secured parking lot. We pulled our moving truck, which was attached with a 1999 Jeep Cherokee into a guarded gate at the Venetian.

When we returned the following afternoon we found our Truck and Jeep STOLEN from the lot at the Venetian! Words can not even express the loss and sense of violation we are going through.

Our whole lives; everything we have ever worked for is completely gone.

The Venetian has taken no responsibility and has been less than sensitive to the family.  There is no insurance policy the family can take from, and they must rebuild alone step by step.

The family is without jobs, and without having clothes to wear and is also unable to even interview for a job until items such as clothes, shoes, and socks can be replaced.

Debbie and Craig have been married for almost 30 years and lost their entire lives, childrens lives and everything they owned.



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