Hawaiian Dollars

World War II ushered in the printing of specialized military currency to provide economic stability for the U.S. dollar in occupied countries. In Hawaii, the Treasury Department replaced all U.S. currency with special issue notes as a precautionary measure in the event of a Japanese victory. Had the Japanese invaded Hawaii, the special currency would have prevented the Japanese from confiscating U.S. money, which was negotiable around the world.

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7 Responses to Hawaiian Dollars

  1. shaan says:

    i found 4 hawaiian 1$ bills from 1938 i wonder if they have any value

  2. YOJO Jimbo says:

    Probably; coin and vintage bill collectors are crazy for that old stuff.

  3. guest says:

    i hate all of u

  4. Guest says:

    They are worth about 25 bucks apeice. that sounds really cool; i wish i had some

  5. Geust says:

    then you must be crazy

  6. Livelife says:

    I have six hawaii $10 bills. Eat it suckers!

  7. JCB says:

    Probably a lot less…as anything before 1942 was just stamped and easy to fake. The 42-45 were actually printed differently and worth that amount.

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