Happy Winter Solstice

Today is the shortest day of the year.

Here in Dallas, today should only be 9h 59m 25s long, with the sun setting at 5:25 PM.


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3 Responses to Happy Winter Solstice

  1. hot_banana says:

    where we live, Hesse County (germany) – length of day is 8hrs 05min 30sec, the sun sets at 16.30. not as bad as the baltic regions.

  2. Doug says:

    Not good planning on our part. We should have never put Christmas so close to the shortest days of the year. This is when we need MORE daylight to get Christmas chores accomplished and not freeze.

  3. uncle to niece geeding says:

    which brings to my mind, the stupidity of daylight savings. why don’t we take the extra evening daylight during the winter, when it’s needed, and stop extending these horrid long hot summer days in houston?


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