Eerily parallel lives of two Brooklyn Eileens

A pair of Eileen McLaughlins, born on the same day a few miles apart in Brooklyn, discovered each other last week – and learned that not only do their dads and kids also share birthdays, but they have led eerily similar lives from Day One, right down to their profession, choice of husband and penchant for a particular TV psychic.

But I found this tidbit fascinating:

In 1974, Eileen Mary got her Social Security card. A few months later, on April Fool’s Day, Eileen Teresa got hers – bearing the exact same number. The women would share those nine digits for the next 22 years without anyone taking note.


This story reminds me of my Aunt Eileen who lost a leg because of some type of circulation disease.  Whenever I tell someone I have an Aunt Eileen with one leg, they always think I’m trying to make a joke since Eileen sounds like “I lean.”

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