Texas Governor Race – Debate Time

debate.jpgI watched the televised debate between Democrat Bell, Kinky Friendman, Governor Good-Hair, and One Tough Grandma last night, and actually found it amusing.  However, I think we are screwed no matter who wins.

The best part of the debate was a ‘sudden death’ segment.  Each candidate was given 15 seconds to answer a fact question by a Belo reportor.  I wish this could be done for presidential debates.

Here are the questions asked to the candidates:

Chris Bell

  • What year was the battle of the Alamo? (answered correctly, 1836)
  • Are there term limits for the governor?  (answered correctly, no)

Governor Good Hair

  • What was the August electic bill at the Governor’s Mansion.  (he said four to five thousand.)
  • What is the current interest rate for a 30 year mortgage.  (his answer was about half a percent off)


  • How much money from the Texas Lottery goes to Texas Education?  (he got it right)
  • What is the cost (tuition, books, and fees) for a freshman to attend the University of Texas? (he didn’t know, but it’s close to $8,100)

One Tough Grandma

  • How long do unemployment benefits last?  (she didn’t know)
  • Who is the newly elected president of Mexico? (she didn’t know).

Also, it’s harder than heck to find a transcript of this thing.  But if you actualy want to watch it online, click here.

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