Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, February 6, 2024

  • One thing that stood out to me when I was in Las Vegas was the USB charge ports on some of the slot machines. That’s some smart thinking. I’m sure a lot of gamblers talk themself into staying longer just to get a fuller charge. Or, for anyone about to leave for a flight, what better way to pass the time than to get your phone fully charged so you can watch something on your phone during your flight.
  • You typically don’t see bodyguards carrying a shotgun. Also, I couldn’t help but notice how big Miley’s hair is. I’ve seen it somewhere else recently. I have a feeling big hair is going to make a comeback, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

  • Hear me out on this. Jerry Jones should sweet-talk and hire Bill Belichick as the new defensive coordinator and then sweet-talk Mike McCarthy into being okay with it. Then, if the team underperforms during the season, fire McCarthy midseason and promote Belichick. Or, if they don’t advance to the Super Bowl, then McCarthy leaves because he would have just finished his contract and Jerry could simply promote Belichick. Could Jerry talk Bill into this? Sure. What else does Belichick have to do without a team to prepare for and get ready to coach for next season? Belichick won’t know what to do with all this upcoming free time.
  • I didn’t particularly like his speech, but I’ve been thinking a lot about what Jay-Z said at the Grammys. How I’ve heard it said many times but when he said it, it registered, “I was once told the loudest person in the room never gets heard.
  • A few more thoughts on the Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs performances at the Grammys.
    • I poke fun at modern country music a lot and consider it the Special Olympics of music. I don’t know Combs well at all, but I don’t mind his kind of country music. He covered the song because his father had Chapman’s cassette in his Ford truck and he heard it all the time as a kid. So, when you see him look back at Chapman with such respect and admiration, you can tell it’s authentic and must be a surreal experience for him.
    • I love how her face lights up as soon as the audience reacts when they realize it’s her.
    • When I was a kid and the song first came out, I made fun of Chapman’s look. To be blunt, I thought she was ugly. But three words crossed my mind when I saw her Sunday night, “Wow, she’s beautiful”
    • It’s not the same magnitude as Whitney Houston covering Dolly Parton’s I’ll Always Love You but that thought crossed my mind.
  • A month before David Letterman stepped down from late night, he invited Tracy Chapman to sing Ben E. King’s classic Stand By Me. It’s very much worth a listen four minutes of your day, especially if things are a bit hectic.
  • Confession, regarding that last bullet. Instead of typing “Ben E. King” I first typed “Ben E. Keith.”
  • The NFL is going to have a game in Brazil next year? Well, I guess if the world’s version of football is going to invade the U.S. we are going to invade the world with our version of football. Think of it as modern-day colonialism.
  • I can’t recall if I mentioned this or not, but I was curious where U2 was staying during their Vegas residency. The Venetian would make the most sense as it is the closest and associated with the Sphere. But, I learned they actually fly back and forth from LA to stay in the homes they have there. I’m not sure if the band are environmentalists, but that wouldn’t help the image.
  • Maybe it shouldn’t have surprised me that an ancient ivory dildo was found in the stuffed seat of Louis XV’s armchair which was in storage at a local convent on a science museum’s webpage. Maybe the unique detail found on the tip shouldn’t have surprised me, or that it can simulate ejaculation. But, the cloth bag was a nice touch.
  • Out of all the things I felt most uncomfortable with regarding the previous bullet was my use of “webpage.” After typing it, it just felt like a very outdated term and made me question whether I should have used another word or phrased the sentence differently. But, I didn’t want to spend any mental anguish over it and preferred writing several sentences about my turmoil because it felt simpler.
  • I can’t get over the defender’s head. He totally fell for a fake shot that looked as slow as molasses. Then, Jokic did what he always does, drive the paint liking like he plays in flip-flops. Someone pointed that out to me about his play once and I can’t unsee it.
  • The first thought that went through my mind was the Branch Davidian Compound and how modern-day equivalents probably have these up and running. But I will admit, I’m impressed with the engineering. It kinda makes me think of what Walter White rigged up in the series finale of Breaking Bad
  • I was such a huge Joe Montana fan when I was a kid. You also know I’m a hopeless romantic. This made my heart swoon. Oh, how I miss trying to do things to show another how much I love and think of them, and I wonder what it feels like to be the unquestioned recipient of such love.

  • Along that same line:

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