Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, February 7, 2024

  • I spotted these stickers in the red light district, um, I mean, at a red light the other day. I couldn’t make out the writing on the bottom, so I searched for them on The Google. The first result amused me, considering the message of the above stick and what I entered in the search field.
  • Christians: if your favorite political party causes you to not love your neighbor or enemy, your party is standing between you and Jesus.@PrestonSprinkle
  • Sometimes I eat white powdered donuts for breakfast. Specifically, Hostess donnettes. When I do, it brings back a warm memory of a very young DaughterGeeding dropping her jaw in awe as I put a whole donnette into my mouth. She then called to her mother and said, “Mom! Dad just put a whole donut into his mouth and swallowed it.”
  • @ItsSamGIt’s kinda cool and not at all superstitiously terrifying that the last time the Chiefs played the 49ers in the Super Bowl it was also a leap year and then a month later we had a pandemic that messed up our lives for years and years
  • Sticking with the macabre Super Bowl thoughts, here’s Joe Buck: “I do not have any desire to be there. There’s going to be some story, there’s gonna be something that happens because it’s Vegas and it won’t stay in Vegas. There’s gonna be a big something that happens. I don’t know what it is. I have no idea. That is going to be a mess, in my mind.”
  • I’ve been concerned about President Biden as of late. When he speaks, he sounds softer and his words aren’t as sharp as they use to. I’m not saying he’s in mental decline (like most of my readership), but audibly his words are not as crisp and clear as they use to be. I haven’t seen anyone else point that out, but I’m sure I would if I peaked in conservative circles.
  • This person with a Ph.D. in English griped about what she believes to be a misuse of an apostrophe, only to misuse an apostrophe when she referenced the music awards show in her next tweet.
  • When I first saw this statistic the Cowboys won their second Super Bowl and I thought no team would catch up in my lifetime.
  • Not a job I would want to have. Talk about hazard pay.

  • I can’t decide if the inside of the Raiders’ facility looks like something out of 2001: A Space Oddesy or Space Balls.

  • I’ve written my concerns about how the Sphere isn’t managing itself well when it comes to booking future artists and events, but whoever is managing the stuff on the outside is doing a great job.
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