Bag of Randomness for Monday, February 5, 2024

  • Three big moments at last night’s Grammys. No matter what Taylor Swift fans will tell you, the most iconic was Tracy Chapman singing in public for the first time in nine years with Luke Combs. Swift announcing a new album might be the most remembered. And the most overlooked will be the arrest of Killer Mike, who I’m sure most of you aren’t familiar with. He won three Grammys at the pre-televised portion of the show and then was arrested. At the time of this writing, rumor has it was for something small, and LAPD couldn’t wait until he left the ceremony or met him at his hotel room.
  • Give me the Texas summer anytime over a harsh winter. I can’t imagine having to dig in snow just to find your car.

  • There are some words, no matter how hard I try to say them correctly, always come out wrong and sound like a similar word. Such is the case with syphilis and Sisyphus. I actually have a photo of the postage stamp of Sisyphus made in error from season four of Fargo hanging on my wall. When I first heard his story, I thought I feel what he feels every day.
  • I’m not a fan of subscription services, but I’m sensing that’s where our culture or free market is heading.
  • Uh, this heavily bearded and muscular guy (YouTube, language and modesty warning) being interviewed claims he rarely wipes his bottom because what he produces is “perfect.” But he did shower after a case of diarrhea.
  • Trauma doesn’t make you stronger. It makes you traumatized.
  • I’m on to Apple’s guerilla marketing. It’s a little on the nose.

  • I would have thought they would have gone for more – Michael Jordan’s championship sneaker collection goes for $8 million at auction
  • A funny tweet I read recently – I’d like to thank @taylorswift13 for finally making a practical “if a plane leaves Tokyo at 11:30” problem that students will care about.
  • I’m not sure why, considering the venue and all, Bono told a recent crowd to Put your fkn phones down for a minute. The boys from The Ticket will be going to see U2 at the Sphere this week as they are in town for the Super Bowl. I’m looking forward to hearing their review.
  • Jennifer Lopez lost a chunk of her hair (extensions, I’m sure) during her SNL performance.

  • Masturbation abstinence is popular online. Doctors and therapists are worried
  • I thought the mood would have been more festive. I bet the reason they didn’t land the championship game was because of the lack of public transportation in Arlington.

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