Bag of Randomness for Thursday, February 1, 2024

  • Dallas, Texas (2001 vs. 2021). I feel old.
  • Texas AG Paxton sues cities over marijuana decriminalization
  • I’m sure most of you will take this the wrong way, but when I read this, it got me to thinking.
    • Evangelicals get upset about Christians who attend queer weddings because it publicly “affirms sin” but I have yet to see them mad about Christians who attend someone’s 2nd, 3rd or 4th wedding… Something scripture would call the sin of adultery.
  • Houston County Schools to install bathroom cameras; parents express concerns to school system
  • Las Vegas driver with 19 tickets who killed bicyclist could get probation
  • The world will have its first trillionaire within a decade, but poverty won’t be eradicated for another 229 years, report finds
  • Yesterday, LiberallyLean posted some hot sports opinions about coin flip tosses“Coin flip talk: I distinctly remember that before any NFL game that the ref would tell a player to “call it in the air” for the initial coin toss.  Now they have the player choose heads or tails before it is flipped. That seems wrong.”I believe I know the history of this, and it involves a girl in my Sunday school class and her father who was a member of the church, an NFL referee.Here’s what started it all. On Thanksgiving 1998, the Steelers and Lions were heading to overtime. Overtime rules were different then, and involved a coinflip. Referee Phil Luckett explains the coin toss rules and tells Jerome Bettis to call it in the air. He distinctly says, “Tails.” But, Luckett said “heads” was called. The Lions instead got the ball and kicked a game-winning field goal 3 minutes into overtime. The NFL quickly changed the coin-flip format to prevent similar disputes. Now, instead of calling the toss while the coin is in the air, the team captain chooses heads or tails before the coin is flipped and the referee confirms the selection before he flips the coin. Luckett took a lot of heat and was later involved with two other controversial calls. One is the Music City Miracle “lateral.” You can read about the other one on his Wikipedia page. I believe there’s another one involving him and a receiver bumping into each other on a crucial play. I felt bad for the man and his daughter. So many people in the nation were calling him an idiot and I bet the family didn’t like the attention. Twitter wasn’t a thing back then. For the longest time, I thought her father had one of the coolest jobs. If my dad had that job, I’d probably be boasting about it. But then in an instant, everyone in the nation is making fun of or hating on the man you admire and love. I imagine despite the love and respect she had for her father it was hard to go to work and social events in the short term with everyone knowing who her father was and what he was responsible for. I did a little searching on what he’s doing today and it appears he does some speaking engagements, which I’m sure are interesting to hear.

  • San Angelo LiveGovernor Abbott’s Initial Salvo in the 2024 “Revenge Primary” was a Dud
    • “Governor Greg Abbott’s first move in the “revenge primary” campaign, aimed at replacing Texas House representatives who oppose his private school voucher initiative, resulted in defeat for Abbott’s chosen candidate.”
  • I’ve got it cued up for you (4:04 in case it doesn’t work), but literally, you cannot get closer to Bono.
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