Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, January 31, 2024

  • I bet that the picture above triggers a whole lot of people.
  • I’ve only seen¬†Dr. Strangelove once, back in college, I think. I’ve been thinking I should revisit it as an adult. Recently I read some facts about the film and was surprised to learn there is only one woman in the film (a 1962 Playboy model). I had to verify it on IMDB. It’s true.
  • Yesterday, I had an interview with an investigator for a Department of Defense background check, which is required for my job. To reach the interview location, I drove through 17 green lights and not a single red light. On my way back, I stopped at a stoplight beside an elementary school where kids were playing during recess. I noticed an armed security guard wearing a bright yellow vest standing far away from the children. I couldn’t decide whether wearing such a bright vest was a good or bad thing. On one hand, the vest serves as a deterrent and makes some people feel safe. On the other hand, it also makes the security guard a marked target. If a shooter were to attack, they would likely target the guard first, eliminating their biggest obstacle.
  • A TikTok is going viral about a man delivering Chinese food and heavily mocking the Asian accent as he speaks into the doorbell cam. When I was a kid, a lot of white kids used to bully me by talking to me in that fashion because they knew my mother was Asian. I just couldn’t escape it, and too scared to tell my parents about it. Heck, I think Dad would have just told me to pop them in the nose, but I’ve never been a violent person. I remember my then-fiance doing this once after she and her mother hired a wedding photographer and I had to explain to her why it was offensive to me. So, when I read the comments on that TikTok and Twitter posts I found it on, I was surprised at how many people thought it was hilarious and wanted to see more of it. I guess I’m just overly sensitive and should grow some thicker skin. Maybe people like me are the problem.
  • Speaking of food and TikTok and people named Keith: Keith Lee is a popular social media food reviewer on the platform. He recently visited DFW and had some very favorable things to say about my favorite BBQ joint, Hutchins. I’m not sure how he confuses a pork rib from a beef rib.¬† Here’s a single beef rib just so you have an idea. They are HUGE.

    Here’s a slab of pork ribs for comparison.
  • Being of Vietnamese descent, I thought I would have known about this animal. My first thought was that it was blog-worthy, and I remembered how hesitant I used to be when I had the comments turned on at posting stuff like this because I felt all I was doing was setting myself up for an insulting racist joke. I showed it to someone on my trivia team, and his/her comment was, “I wonder what kind of sauce they use?” I frowned and mentioned that when I was a kid, others would say similar shit to me. I thought this friend would have noticed I was bothered by his/her comment and would offer some apology, but nothing. Again, I guess I’m just overly sensitive and I’m the problem.
  • Her mom has no sense of humor, and that laugh really bothered my dogs.

  • If this is a current photo, he looks good at 94, even if he’s thinner than we remember.

  • I think this is a good idea and would be entertaining. One thing I never understood about girls’ and women’s basketball is why they use a smaller and lighter ball? Why can’t we all use the same ball? It’s not like it’s a huge difference or advantage like having different tees in golf.
  • I heard so many great things about this promo video for Universal Epic Universe. It looks like an okay destination, but doesn’t blow me away or would make me want to visit it over Disney World or Arby’s.
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