Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, January 30, 2024

  • Yesterday, Mark Cuban held an impromptu ask-me-anything on Twitter. The Merriam-Webster dictionary account (which is worth a follow) asked him what is his favorite word. He had a great answer, Dad. That reminded me of the end of The Iron Claw. Kevin Von Erich was watching his little boys play, and they asked him why he was sad.ā€œ He told them, “I used to be a brother, and now Iā€™m not a brother anymore.ā€
  • The Ticket had their 30th anniversary party last weekend. It just seemed a bit hollow without the folks who built the foundation. It would be like celebrating the Cowboy’s last Super Bowl-winning team but Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin didn’t show up.
  • Honestly, the whole Kelce family and Taylor Swift stuff doesn’t annoy me one iota. What annoys me are the vocal opinions about them. I just wish my daughter, a huge Swifty, could be with me so we could watch the game together.

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