Bag of Randomness for Monday, January 29, 2024

  • I’ve read different variations of this, and totally love the concept – I’m not saying football is bad. I’m saying it would be even BETTER if they made the mascots kick every field goal. Imagine, the final play of the big game, one second left on the game clock… and a big googly-eyed bird struts onto the field to thunderous applause, already a hero.
  • Dang, that’s pretty epic. I’m sure he did more damage to the car than what it would have cost to get it out the lot.

  • U2 started playing at the Sphere again last week. This weekend the Fonz was there, as was Bryan Adams.
    • Bono sang a snippet of “Everything I Do I Do it For You” during “WOWY” last night as Bryan Adams was in the crowd. “The Fly” was the song that unseated “Everything I Do” after 16 weeks at the top of the UK charts.
  • Tom Brady changed the focus of his workouts to pliability and credited that to the longevity of his career.
  • They made some changes. Bono, in what appears to be a first for any U2 concert, is now playing the piano. I’m glad they didn’t play that song when I was there as it has some special meaning. The band will be playing at the Grammys live from the Sphere. I continue to worry about how that place is being managed. Two weeks ago I read there was a credible rumor that Sphere Entertainment offered U2 to do as many as 35 more shows, but they turned them down. Also, U2 is rumored to be taking in over 90% per ticket, 18,000 tickets per show.
    • According to, U2 has reportedly been paid 90% of the earnings from ticket sales, in addition to an upfront $10 million to produce their own stage show.
    • While seats are pricey for the Jan. 25-26 gigs — at the time of publication, they start at a whopping $737 before fees on Vivid Seats — other nights have seats going for a much more reasonable $354 before fees.
    • As of November 30, 2023, the Sphere in Las Vegas has reported that 17 U2 performances have brought in $30.7 million in revenue, averaging $1.8 million per concert.
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