Bag of Randomness for Monday, January 23, 2023

  • I found a live chicken in my front yard recently. I wasn’t sure how to find its owner.
  • Skattershooting the other day thinking about what ever happened to Ann Curry of the Today Show. She used to annoy me because I felt her sincerity was questionable about how she emotional felt on certain stories. In retrospect, I feel like I was hard on her and should have been less critical.
  • The first Dallas Cowboy on the field yesterday was Brett Maher. Before I praise him on having the right attitude, I don’t know if he’s normally the first on the field or not.
  • Can’t expect to win a road playoff game if you are going to turnover the ball two times.
  • I doubt if Tony Pollard was healthy for the second half there would have been much of an impact. And I wouldn’t like our chances in Philly or the Super Bowl without him.
  • One reason it’s fun watching  the 49’s and Cowboys are the contrasting colors, red and gold verses blue and silver.
  • I’m really enjoying Bono’s book, but I have to be in a certain mindset when I read it. I don’t know how to describe it, a meditative state? But he makes me want to be a better human being and strengthen my relationship with The Almighty. It still pains me how many (especially my pastoral friends) are judgmental about his faith and the life he lives. One of them said, “I never heard of anyone getting saved at a U2 concert.” First, I found that to be an odd standard or unit of measurement. Second, years later, I was reading a book in which the author described how he was indeed saved at a U2 concert. I so wanted to print a copy of those pages and send them to that friend, but felt my intentions weren’t in goodwill or kindness. If you are confused about what being “saved” is all about, I think this page sums it up, comparing Baptist beliefs to other views or interpretation. The real short version about being saved is that you admit you sincerely are a sinner to God, believe Jesus is the son of God, and you now commit your life to honor God. As a recovering-Baptist, my thoughts on salvation have differed, but I understand and respect how and why they think about salvation.
    • Most Baptists, including Southern Baptists, believe that being saved is something that happens once in a person’s life and that it lasts forever. They teach that once a person accepts Jesus as her savior, that person will never again be at risk of going to hell. They believe that even a Christian who “backslides” or turns against God is still forgiven for those sins. Most Southern Baptists believe that the way Christians live their life will determine their rewards in heaven, and that their lifestyle can never put them in danger of hell. Critics of eternal security suggest that this encourages Christians to live a life of perpetual sin and that the person would still go to heaven even committing murder or genocide. In those extreme cases, Southern Baptists would argue that the person was never really saved to begin with, and never really trusted Christ as savior.
  • With that last post, I know my Inbox is about to be flooded.
  • The name of Bono’s book is Surrender. A friend at church helping me through my divorce has this saying, “Acceptance is the answer to all my problems.” I feel both he and Bono have made a good point about the importance of acceptance and surrender.
  • Why cereal companies still don’t put their product in a zip lock type bag still baffles me.
  • I don’t print out a lot of physical photos, but as a Costco member, and a tad sad they are getting rid of the Costco Photo Center. Members are directed to go to Shutterfly and take advantage of a big member discount. Here’s a comparison to their costs for a 4×6 photo. Walmart charges as low as $0.12 a photo, Walgreens $0.28.
    • Since Costco is a brand that is well-known for deals and discounts, it will continue that trend to Shutterfly where Members will get 51% off every Shutterfly order plus free shipping on any order over $49.
  • I need to eat some humble pie in regards to two things LiberallyLean stated that are life changing for the better, that I was critical of. One, in today’s online world with all the accounts and passwords we have to use on a daily basis, I don’t know how anyone can live with LastPass. Second, for the last two months I’ve been making my bed. It wouldn’t pass military inspection, but I credit that small daily task in helping me rebuild my life as it adds a bit of structure, discipline, and self worth to my life. It’s one of those things that won’t make you feel good the first day or first week, but after several consistent weeks, you start to understand how beneficial making your own bed is, even if no one is going to see it. It’s a small thing that I can do for myself and not for any other, like I used to do. It’s a small thing that brings about self worth, little by little, which I need.
  • You never know what someone else is going through, so offer a little grace and always proceed with kindness.
  • They should have done this long ago, and Apple fans should be shouting through the rooftops – Apple Says iPhones Will Finally Get USB-C Ports
  • Inside Sundance’s Top-Secret Brett Kavanaugh Documentary
  • He’s trying to be funny, but true leaders, especially at his level, don’t laugh at other peoples failures or mistakes. What a horrible example he is for our children. Also, he used poor grammar, it should be “kick as well as.”
  • In case anyone else was confused by what I said on Friday regarding Abbott’s tweet:
    • I was trying to say that Abbott is mostly flanked by uniformed DPS officers at public events, and there’s not a single one in sight. In that photo, at the bottom, you’ll see two men in suits with sunglasses with their hands held out, like you see the Secret Service do around crowds. I’ve included a photo and circled them. Since Abbbot is not POTUS, I know they aren’t Secret Service agents and have no idea who they are. Maybe they are DPS but not in uniform. Why have them dress like that out of uniform? I don’t know, but it’s the first time I’ve ever seen Abbott have that type of protection. To me, it looked very intentional, like he wanted them to be seen so it would plant a seed in people’s minds that he’s presidential. But I’m just an armchair political pundit who may be way off the mark. From my perspective, he accomplished everything he wanted in that tweet.










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