Bag of Randomness for Friday, January 6, 2023

  • How many Kevin McCarthys does it take to screw in a light bulb? Well, he needs a House, first.
  • I’ve been surprised at Catherine Zeta-Jones’ character selection, both are pretty family friendly, and both are on streaming platforms. She’s in Netflix’s Wednesday as Morticia and in a Disney+ series, which is clearly written for teens.
  • I will not be in Fredericksburg, TX this January 14 – Texas Is Having A Testicle Festival & You Can Taste Them Battered, Fried Or Grilled
  • The University of Texas should have fired Chris Beard long ago, but I guess there was stuff to work out with lawyers first. What’s up with the men who lead basketball programs in that area of Texas? Beard didn’t pull a Dave Bliss, but what he did is still horrible, at least from the accounts I read.
  • Someone recently posted that “fire and brimstone” sermons aren’t really around any more. All I can say is that I heard quite a few of them during my youth and college years at Southern Baptist churches.
  • The first sermon I read or studied was John Calvin’s Jonathan Edwards’ “Sinners In The Hand of An Angry God,” which was assigned reading in my sophomore literature class. Then, when I started to go to church, I heard a lot of “fire and brimstone” sermons. All that to say that my first thought of God isn’t one of love and grace (as it should be) but one who is angry and judgmental. One reason I love the church I now attend is that God’s love and grace is forefront.
  • I have this half-baked thought that people in church are either in a state “to serve” or “to be served.” I still think I’m in the “to be served” category. I think leaders of the church recognize I’m not ready for a role, though I have thought about teaching Sunday school (or whatever is the hip name for Sunday school is now). I have been asked to help with the soundboard, streaming, and multimedia stuff. In some churches, using scripture as a reference, a divorced person can’t be part of certain things. I don’t think that’s the case at my church.
  • Taylor Swift’s look-alike knows all too well how tough the internet can be
    • I didn’t think she was much of a doppelganger until I looked at her TikTok page.
  • Melted butter clogs historic canal and storm drains after dairy plant fire in Wisconsin
  • I bet he even had a red stapler – Employee arrested and charged with stealing over $302,000 after authorities say he was inspired by the movie ‘Office Space’
  • Random Star Wars thought – Anakin’s rigorous training of Ahsoka was integral to her survival of Order 66, an order he helped execute.
  • The Royals have been in the news recently. Though, this headline caught my attention – Prince Harry had a frostbitten penis at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding
    • Harry also confirms he’s circumcised in the explosive tome, despite longstanding reports that he’s not.
  • That reminds me of a penis joke, which may offend a lot of you, so here’s your warning. It came from an old man in my hometown and was told to me in junior high. Did you hear about the Mexican with two penises? He named one Jose and the other Hose B.
  • I believe Christ taught us to pray in our closets and not to pull prayerful public stunts, but maybe I misread my Bible.

  • TCU sports fans are living the dream right now.









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